Captain My Captain Morgan Coconut Rum Cake


I was in a cake baking mood. Also in a coconut rum mood. Those who know me know I am a lightweight when it comes to drinking. I may have a mixed drink once a month sometimes not that often. Tonight was Captain Morgan coconut rum night. So we have cake baking and coconut rum. What not combine both?

Searching Pinterest I found several recipes I liked but they were so involved. I was in the mood to bake but I had just got home from work so I didn’t want to spend a whole lot of time in the kitchen. Gotha needs to rest sometime.

So I just found a basic white cake recipe and used the rum in place of the liquid. I had a small dilemma during the mixing of the cake. I had only a small amount of rum. If I use all for the cake I wouldn’t have any to drink later. After a whole two seconds of deliberations I used half the rum along with milk in the cake. To give the cake a strong coconut taste I added two tablespoons of coconut bakery emulsion. FYI: I’m drinking the rest of the rum now. Public Service Announcement: Friends don’t let friends drink and blog.

Okay the cake is in the oven. I’m baking two 8 inch round pans plus two mini round pans. The mini rounds are a test. I’m baking Ms. K a smash cake for her first birthday, I want to see if the minis will be big enough. RESULT: nope not big enough. The mini round will make a good top layer to a small tier cake.

While the cakes are baking it’s time to toast some coconut. Here is where I give short but sweet instructions to toast coconut. That went by so quickly I had time to find some spooky pins I plan to try out soon.

Cakes are out of the oven and cooling. I planned on making the frosting from a recipe I found on Pinterest. Uh…nope not happening. I am a lightweight drinker. I had just enough to give me a tiny buzz now I’m just sleepy. So, Betty Crocker to the rescue. I just happened to have a can of white fluffy and a can of milk chocolate frosting. I mixed some coconut emulsion into the white fluffy. That went on the tiny cake. It was going to go on the big cake also but once I saw that can of milk chocolate frosting all I could think about was Almond Joy. Holy toasted coconut Batman! That was a good cake. The white frosted cake was okay but much better the next day after the emulsion had time to mingle with the frosting.

Here is the basic white cake recipe. Maybe one day I will try that frosting I planned to use.

The tiny cake photos turned out okay but once it was time to snap some shots of the chocolate coconut cake I was so tired. I snapped a few shots. I don’t think you can tell in the photos but I didn’t even frost the whole thing. Also the hubby was in such a hurry to try a piece he was standing over me with a knife. He had been waiting all day to eat cake by then his patience was wearing thin. I’m going with the theory the knife was for the cake and not me. Now if I would have taken more pictures making him wait longer who knows, that knife may have been used to get me out of the way. The hubby loves cake.

Mini Captain Morgan Coconut Rum Cake

Mini Captain Morgan Coconut Rum Cake

coconut rum cake with milk chocolate frosting

coconut rum cake with milk chocolate frosting

Another Pinteresting day in the life of Gotha Stewart ended with a belly full of cake hubby and me taking my lightweight drinking self to bed.

I Give Good Bread


First off, please forgive the title. It’s been a long day and lack of sleep is catching up with me.

Awhile back the hubby and I were out shopping. I decided to buy a wax burner for scented wax. Here is the conversation the hubby and I had in the store.

Me: “I’m going to buy this to melt scented wax since I know how to get the used wax out now.”

Hubby: “Oh is that something else you saw on Pinterest?” This was said dripping with sarcasm and ending with a dramatic rolling of the eyes.

Me: “No, it’s has instructions here on the box.” This was said in the tone of voice that clearly translated into, ‘you’re an asshole.’

Hubby: “humph.”

I stood there in the store thinking to myself, “Self do you think maybe you Pinterest too much?”

Self replied, “hell no.”

I then giggled out loud.  The hubby stared at me like I had just jumped on the crazy train.

Me: “Let’s hurry up and get home.”

Hubby: “What’s the hurry? I thought we were going to get coffee.”

Me: “Not now, you got me wanting to go home to get on Pinterest.”

Hubby: I can’t put down his reply. Just know it contained strong language.

He is not always anti-Pinterest. He is extremely pro-Pinterest when I’m trying out a recipe I discovered while at that much loved site. Like last night when I found a new banana bread recipe. (As you have read before, my dad is always bringing me bananas) Normally I use my go-to banana bread recipe that I got from my Aunt Betty…Crocker. But with the over abundance of bananas I had this week I had used up all of the box mixes.  So when I saw a Pin that said the bread was so good people drove for miles to eat a slice, how could I not try it?

I gathered everything I needed. I began to doubt this recipe when I realized it did not call for water or milk. Just oil and eggs. But life is not about playing it safe so I went with it. The only thing I added that was not in the recipe was pecans. How can you not have nuts in your banana bread? That is insane!

Here is the recipe. I do not give a measurement on the pecans because I don’t measure them myself. I just throw some in. Okay I throw a lot in.

This is the link that will take you to the Banana Bread pin.

Banana Bread

Dry ingredients:

1 ¾ all-purpose flour

1 ½ tsp. baking soda

¾ tsp salt

1 ½ cup sugar


3 lg. eggs

¾ cup vegetable oil (I used coconut oil)

2 mashed bananas

Pecans or walnuts. Hell both if you want. Remember the nuts are optional. Except at my house, here it is a must.

Preheat over to 350 degrees. Butter bottom of your bread pan.

Mix your dry items in a bowl. In another bowl mix your wet.  The recipe said to mix the bananas in with the oil and eggs until smooth.  In all the years I have made banana bread I have always added the bananas at the end after you mixed the batter. So I beat the eggs and oil together. Now you pour that in with your dry items. Mix. Add the bananas, mix some more. Now add your nuts. As much as you want, don’t be afraid to go nuts with them. Put in over bake 60 to 70 minutes.

Now let me tell you how this went down. Most breads I bake, I bake them between 375 to 400 degrees for 40 to 50 minutes. Never had an issue. But I followed the recipe. 50 minutes into my bake time I began to smell the bread burning. Hey must be done, I thought. Fork tested it. Nope not done. It took the whole 70 minutes. The top and edges were very darn close to burnt. My bread loving soul was not happy. Once it cooled I sliced us a piece to try. The hubby loved it. It was pretty good. Close to being just as good at Aunt Betty’s. This is a dense bread. If you want a lighter more fluffy bread, this is not for you.

The burning was totally my fault, I know my oven. I should have sided with my oven and not the recipe. I will make this again but will adjust my temperature and bake time.

Here is a photo. You can see that the bread is extremely well done. Don’t let my photo turn you off of this recipe. It is really good.

My pretty-damn-close-to-burnt bread

My pretty-damn-close-to-burnt bread

Banana Bread from Pinterest

Banana Bread from Pinterest

Thank you for joining me in my Pinteresting addiction.

These Bananas are Driving Me Bananas!


I thought I would start this out with a funny story before getting to my recent Pin recreation. Turns out the Pin I attempted ended up being the funny story.

If my dad is at the store and bananas are on sale he will buy them. Not for himself, but for me and the hubby. So every few days dad is popping over with a bag of bananas. A WHOLE bag. So today I have twelve over ripe bananas needing to be used. Two loaves of banana bread later I still have a boat load of bananas left. So Pinteresting I went.


I found Lazy Morning Banana Cake after a quick search for banana recipes.

Simple, easy to follow directions. Where did this go wrong? Or did any of it ever go right?

I had all the ingredients. Thought I understood the recipe and instructions. Problem number one: I could not find my measuring spoons. So I guess-a-mated. Problem number two: was I suppose to use all purpose or self rising flour? I only had self rising available. I had a fifty percent chance of using the right flour. Problem number three: I poured the batter into the pan. To me it seemed like way to much for one round pan. But the recipe used one. I trusted the recipe. Problem number four: I forgot to add the butter to the batter. The cake was already in the oven by then so I was committed at this point. Or should have been committed.

Thankfully I put a pan on the bottom rack just below the cake in case there was too much batter. I will let the photo tell some of the story.

Serious cake overflow

Serious cake overflow

The bake time was suppose to be twenty-five minutes. TWO sets of twenty-five minutes later and the cake still wasn’t done. Skelly was sitting at the table with his mouth hanging open. I believe that bony fellow was laughing at me. I was not in a laughing mood. There was also another pin going wrong during this time. Maybe I would see the humor in all of this later. Much later.

On a positive note the baking cake was smelling pretty damn awesome. So after seventy minutes bake time I took the cake from the oven. Was it done inside? I didn’t care at this point because the top was beginning to burn. After letting the cake sit a few minutes I worked up enough nerve to perform the fork test. Woohoo ! The fork came out clean. The cake was done. Finally. As you can tell by the photo that cake was not going to come out of the pan without a fight. The battle was epic. Ballads will one day be sung about this battle. In the end the cake did come out of the pan (not in one piece) and all that awaited was the taste test. I let the husband try it first. With some urging from him I finally took a bite. Oh my goodness. This disaster of a baking experience resulted in the best tasting banana cake EVER. Would I bake it again? Hell no! I’m still trying to get that damn pan clean. By the way I do realize my mistake now. I should not have used the baking soda with self rising flour. Okay that wasn’t my only mistake but it was where everything began to go wrong.

The cake

The cake

But you should give it a go. Just use a measuring spoon, maybe all purpose flour and divide the batter into two pans. Oh and don’t forget the butter. Let me know how it turns out. As I’m sitting here trying to decide how to finish off the bananas I still have left I see my dad walking to the door. Guess what he has a bag of?

Here is the original pin:

Lazy Morning Banana Cake

2 ripe bananas
1 1/2 cups flour
1 cup sugar
1 stick (1/2 cup) butter, softened
3/4 cup milk
1 egg
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon vanilla

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Butter and flour pan.

Mash up the bananas.

Mix everything but the bananas. After mixing fold in the bananas. Pour into pan (or pans if you screw up the batter like I did) Bake for twenty-five minutes. Done when you can insert a fork and it pulls out clean. Good luck and may the cake gods show mercy upon you.

Thanks for joining me on another Pinteresting adventure. Here is a photo of the Banana Bread. I will share the recipe soon.

The Amazing Rock Your World Banana Bread

The Amazing Rock Your World Banana Bread


Monsters, Cookies, and Angel Food


Here are a few of my baking Pins from this winter. Cookies and a cake. The Halloween decorations are year round’ and the monsters are my babies, they‘re twins. Poor fellows have no names.

I was baking a lot of cookies experimenting for Christmas gifts. It was a cold night so I made me some hot chocolate with marshmallows. As I was pouring the marshmallows from the container to my mug I got the idea to add them to cookies. I have tried regular marshmallows in the past but once the cookie was baked the marshmallow disappeared. Did it baked into the dough completely? Leak out and poof? Or was there some sort of marshmallow stealing monster living in my oven? I just didn’t know. But the marshmallows for hot chocolate are dried. Would they work? I was going to find out.

cookie mix

Simple recipe. Follow instructions on box, once mix add the marshmallows. However much you want. Then just bake. This I did and once done I took them from oven and let them cool slightly. Still warm I took a bite. YES I had marshmallows in my cookies! Take that evil oven monsters!


 Next cookie I baked I call Grinchers. I just added green food color to the dough. Easy as pie or in this case, cookie. The twins were excited to be in the photos.



As you know I have given up artificial sweeteners but when I made this I was still in heavy with my diet soda addiction. Today I would use regular soda. This is another simple recipe. Take your angel food cake mix and instead of water just use soda. Bake according to box. I actually ended up making this three days in a row because everyone would keep eating all the cake and I wouldn’t get any. It is that good. Everyone should have a few boxes of angel food cake mix handy. You can add so many things to it. Instead of water add a can of crushed pineapple instead of water. Bake in a large pan. One time I put strawberries in blender with just a little orange juice blended it till was liquid and used in place of water. Any soda you like will work. I also use angel food mix as the topping on my cobblers. I’m actually eating a piece of pineapple angel food cake right now.

IMG_1062 IMG_1072


Evil Queen Apple Cobbler


Evil Queen Apple Cobbler

So this week is zombie apocalypse week at our house. You know after a while your cabinets get overcrowded with canned and boxed foods. When that happens here at the crypt we have zombie apocalypse week. Which means we survive on what we scavenge from the cupboards. Everyone should do this every so often to keep things up to date. Canned food does have an expiration date. You don’t want to be suffering from a terrible cold one day only to discover that the only can of chicken soup you pull out of the cabinet is out of date. Been there, not fun. Not at all.

So for the rest of the week the husband and I will survive on soups, tuna, vegetables and what ever boxed meals are hiding out. Maybe use up some of the frozen meat from the freezer too. We are about to enter the danger zone: the place where too much salt intake is just one can of green beans away. It’s really not as bad as it sounds. You learn to be creative with your meals. Did you know crushed up cheez its make a great topping for pasta salad?

Tonight we dined on canned potatoes, a huge can of green beans with a hearty black bean soup. Not the best meal we have ever had but still better than a fast food burger. Dessert was an awesome apple cobbler I baked. Breakfast tomorrow will be pumpkin banana bread. So today’s tally of pantry items used: two cans of potatoes, one can of green beans, two cans of black bean soup, a can of pumpkin puree, a box of pumpkin bread mix and a half bag of unused cake mix. I’ll explain the cake mix in a minute. I also used up four apples that were on the verge of mutiny and two extremely over ripe bananas. Lunch for work tomorrow: The husband will be taking canned Ravioli and I will take pasta salad. Two more items gone. I have two jars of spaghetti sauce, so tomorrow nights dinner will be meatballs cooked in the sauce. With some canned veggies for side dishes. Followed by a nice big ole blueberry muffin. I have several boxes of those. They were on sale last month, I couldn’t resist.

I am going to share with you a secret about baking a cake from a mix. When you grease and flour you pans…..drum roll…..wait for it….use some dry cake mix instead of flour. You don’t have to worry about your baked cakes having that floury taste along the edges. I just keep a bag of mix in a baggy, using it to flour the pan whenever I’m baking cakes. Tonight’s half bag along with the four need-to-use-soon apples gave birth to this amazing cobbler recipe I’m about to share, called Evil Queen apple cobbler. Why is it called that you ask? Apples make me think of evil queens and their poisonous ways. I just adore evil queens. I think it’s because they wear so much black.
I did not have enough apples to fill up my cake pan or pie dish so I used two small bread pans. The amounts aren’t set in stone.

Evil Queen Apple Cobbler

4 apples, peeled and cut to bite size pieces. I used granny smith apples.
Butter, 8 tbsp-ish (for the filling)
Butter, 2-4 tsp for topping, softened
Cinnamon (to your taste)
2 packets of Truvia (or sugar, 2 tsp)
1 cup of white or yellow cake mix

Since I used aluminum pans I did not butter the pans. If using metal be sure to butter the bottoms of the pans. I peeled and chopped the apples. I put down a layer in each pan. Put two ‘dollops’ of butter down. Sprinkled half a packet of Truvia and sprinkled cinnamon. I like a lot of cinnamon, again use as little or as much as you prefer. Add another layer of apples, butter, Truvia and cinnamon.

Layer 1 and 2

Layer 1 and 2

Now in a bowl combine your cake mix and softened butter. Start off with 2 tsp of butter. You are making a crumble type topping. You don’t want a batter. Add more butter if needed. This should be dry enough where you can apply the topping with your hands.

Ready to bake

Ready to bake

I then popped those little pans of happiness in the 350 degree preheated oven on a baking sheet. Since the apples are fresh bake forty to forty-five minutes. Test apples with a fork to see if they are cooked through. If you are using a canned pie filling thirty minutes of cooked time should be enough. I served my cobbler in a dish with ice cream. My husband just ate his out of the pan. Again the amounts are not set in stone. If you want more sauce in your cobbler add more butter between your layers, if you want it sweeter add more Truvia or sugar.



Time to eat !

Time to eat !

Once zombie apocalypse week is done and the cabinets are bare or almost I am going to try a pin I saw about slow cooking everyday. The pin is linked to a site where your are given list and instructions to prepare a weeks worth of meals. We shall see how that turns out. I also have a pin I am dying to try out. If it works my husband will worship me till his dying day. So come on back and share in the Pinteresting life of Gotha Stewart.

Dark Celebrations


Celebrations. We use them to mark major events in our lives, we use them as opportunities to see people we care about that we don’t see often enough, most of all we use them as an excuse to over eat. Amen on that last part!

To me celebrations also mean that I can spend hours on Pinterest ‘researching’ on what to cook, how to decorate, or find the perfect little DIY hostess/guest take home gift. I also like to show off the new additions to my little morbidly dark family. My two granddaughters (Little Miss K and her sister Miss S) and our most recent addition: Skelly.

Skelly was a homeless soul who spent his time hanging out on a shelf in a big store. I saw him on several visits I made in September, finally I had to step in and give this guy a home. Skelly came home and spent most of the next few weeks sitting outside in a lawn chair waving to the neighbors and yes most waved back.

I was finally able to coax him inside after Halloween. Now he sits at the kitchen table. So when I hosted Thanksgiving dinner this year I thought why not use this family function to welcome skelly? So yes Skelly sat between my mom and dad during the big Turkey Day meal. Afterwards during family picture time everyone wanted Skelly in their picture. A friend of the family posted the picture of them on FB stating he was her boyfriend.

Skelly waving to the neighbors. The Thanksgiving celebration.

Skelly waving to the neighbors. The Thanksgiving celebration.

Skelly just so happens to be sitting right beside me now watching me type this blog. So it was my year to host Turkey Day. I once cooked a whole turkey in the late 90s. A lot of work but it turned out good but I’m all about making things easy. So Pinteresting I went. Short time later….Crock Pot Turkey Breast pin was found. Oh happy day. This my fellow goth or goth loving friend turned out so good that this dish is a regular at the Gotha Stewart household.

The trick is to find the right size breast to fit in your crock pot. Mine was a tad to big and the lid wouldn’t close completely, I knew once it cooked down some everything would be okay. Till then I put the lid on and used a brick on top to hold down the lid. Speaking of crock pot cooking. This was the first time I tried liners in the crock pot. Oh my dear. Why had I never used these things before? Best. Invention. Ever.

Here is the pin:

I did not brown the top of the breast under a broiler. That’s more for looks anyway. The family was ready to eat so presentation was not a top priority. Rave reviews on this sacrificial bird! TRY THIS !

My daughter turned 20 this past August. I knew right away I was going to make her a multi colored cake. Purple/orange on inside with green icing. I used the batter coloring method from a past blog. People have asked what I use to color the batter. You can use the liquid food coloring or the thick gel stuff. I use the gel stuff. You can get a dark color without watering the batter down.

What I use to color my cake batter.

What I use to color my cake batter.

Before baking

Before baking


The Birthday Cake

The Birthday Cake

Plastic spiders are from Party City. Just wash them in soapy water before contact with food.

The guts of the cake

The guts of the cake

My sister has a birthday this week. Sorry I cannot reveal her age. She would kill me. For her I wanted to make her a Midori cake. Pinteresting I went. Every recipe I found called for only a few tablespoons of Midori. Really? Just a tad? If I’m putting it in a cake I want to be able to taste it. So here is what I did, and you can too. Whatever white cake mix or recipe you use, replace the liquid with Midori. If it calls for ¾ cup of water or milk. Use ¾ cup of Midori. The alcohol bakes out.
For Sister D I made Midori cupcakes. You can use a little Midori to flavor the icing. I chose not to since children would also be eating these. The icing was a canned buttercream frosting. I will be prowling Pinterest for some icing recipes soon.

midori cupcake

The result: The Midori itself is green but the cake will barely have any green color. Next time I may add some green coloring to the batter.

Yes you can use a recipe from Pinterest if you prefer. There are many to choose from. There may have been some Midori consumption during the baking of these cupcakes. I blame Skelly.

You may have noticed that all my celebrations have a little spookiness to them. If you have a little darkness in your soul like me don’t be afraid to let it bleed out into your life year round. I hope all your celebrations are dark and spooky ones!

Say Cheese…Cake


So I don’t blog as much as I want. I have gotten sick more this year than in the last several. This past week I had a major health scare so now it’s time to take control of my health. After days of research I have come to an unprofessional conclusion. Most of my problems are from artificial sweeteners. In the past if you would have told me that I would have just laughed. Well five days artificial sweetener free I’m feeling so darn good except for the withdrawal. Withdrawal!? When you stop something and it cause withdrawal you know whatever it was couldn’t have been good for you. I will keep you updated on my health journey. I want to live to be very old because I want to be the crazy old lady in the neighborhood that dresses in black, has long grey hair and all the neighborhood kids think is creepy. Now let’s see what pinteresting things I have been up to.

I saw a pin a while back that showed a home made ‘filter’ for a camera. I was like, wow, awesome. I’m all over that. Things in life got hectic and my garden needed a lot of work so a few months later I gave the camera filter pin a shot. Of course there was no link to instructions but it looked simple.

Oh my Goth! Things did not work out as planned. I made the filter and just needed to attach it to the camera lense. Normally I have a body bag full of rubber bands lying around. But not that day. After a frantic search of the house I spotted sitting right beside the camera. My “Wesley Warrior” bracelet. My four year old cousin is battling brain cancer and the family wears these bracelets for this little superhero. This little guy is amazing. Love and strength to you Wesley.

Back on topic, I used the bracelet. Now it was time for pictures. My heart cut out was to big, you couldn’t even tell I put anything over the lense. So I had to cut a new template. Put on camera, looked through lense. Perfect we were in business then. I thought.

I was unable to focus. Manual or automatic. EVERY picture blurred. Darn it! So if you want your photos in shapes use photo software.

 285415695104354347_GezE2bMG_f 2013-03-25_17.00.53 IMG_1816 

My nephew Corey graduated from high school last week. Woohoo Corey! We had a party for him that weekend. I asked what his favorite desserts were. German chocolate cake and cheesecake was the reply. Hmm…can the two be combined, my mind pondered? Well I decided to try the all knowing crystal ball I call Pinterest.

Soon I stumbled upon GERMAN CHOCOLATE CHEESECAKE CAKE! I got giddy. Not from the pin but from the first glass of wine I had in twenty years. Yes I was alcohol free for twenty years. I printed out the recipe and the next day off I went to the store for supplies. That night the baking began and had some wine. FYI buzzed baking is still drunk baking. But it went well.

I used an aluminum pan, when having family get together it’s best to use pans you don’t mind not getting back. Family will scarf a good pan or bowl in a heartbeat. After 75 minute bake time and the toothpick came out clear I took the cake from oven. The bottom of the pan felt so…unbaked. I was worried but I trust the toothpick method. Since I was feeling loopy I decided to go to bed and worry about it in the morning.

Good news. No hangover and the cake was done. Bad news. Frosting was an issue. The recipe had instructions to make the topping yourself. But I was a little broke (had to buy wine) so I bought a container of frosting. It was just $1.25 I would spend several times that just on the stuff to make it from scratch.

So two hours before party I open the container. Someone at the store beat me to it. The seal was open and it looked like someone took their fingers and scooped themselves out a big bite of frosting. So I said a few bad words and thought about throwing a hex on the frosting thief. Sadly I didn’t have time for a hex. To the store I went and yes I did pop the top of the can and check the seal before buying. Rushed home frosted cake, super fast shower, forgot to grab my hat and once in car had to come back in house. Forgot camera and my candle obsessed husband forgot to blowout candle.

We arrived on time. Woohoo! Party was outside and the sun was shining brightly. Thankfully I did not burst into flames but my thin hair did little to protect my scalp. Burnt scalp is not fun. But the cake turned out great. Everyone loved it but most important Corey loved it! This cake will be made again! Here is the link to this great cake recipe:

42d8ec1305d53df01d7b012e4812bfaf IMG_2321








A Pinteresting Cooking Adventure


I’ve been working in the yard/garden everyday for the last couple of weeks. Thankfully I have not burst into flames from being out in the sunlight I have also not tanned at all, it’s a long standing joke with my friends that my body rejects sunlight. So my neighbors have been tortured by my blindingly white legs while I work in the yard. Thankfully I’ve not seen anyone claw their eyes out yet.

During the past week I’ve been Pinteresting and experimenting. Which drives my stalker Husband crazy until he benefits from my experiments. Here is a usual conversation at the house:

Me, “I’m going to be in the (kitchen, sewing room, or outside) for a little while.”

Husband, “What you doing?”

Me, “I’m trying something I saw on Pinterest”

Husband, Groan followed by “oh dear lord.” sometimes he rolls his eyes for good measure.

Here is Saturdays extended conversation:

Husband, “So what are you doing in the kitchen?” he follows this by a huff.

Me, “I’m going to make this chicken enchilada dish.”

He sits up on the couch (lying down is the usual position) a smile spreads across his face. He is surrounded by a ray of light and angels harmonize in the back ground. Happiness has found its way to his evil heart.

Husband, “Is there anything I can do to help you? Do I need to get anything from the store?”

Me, “No I got this.” okay I really said, “no sweetie you just lie back, watch some t.v. and take a nap. I wouldn’t want you to ruin your day off. I might even mow the grass as you rest.”

Husband, “Okay.” he lies back down totally missing my sarcasm.

In his defense he did mow the grass later and mowed my dads.

So this is the chicken enchilada adventure.

I read the recipe and it seemed simple enough. I got out the old trusty crock pot. Put in a can of enchilada sauce with the chicken breast. Set cooker to cook on high for 4 hours. Off to the yard I went to weed and take pictures.

Four hours and several “is it done yets” from my husband I continue on with the recipe.

I add the onion and small can of chilies. Then shred the chicken. It is very soupy. Pinterest link did not say anything about it being so soupy and I thought all the liquid would cause problems as I put the chicken in the tortillas. So I decided to strain the chicken. Seems pouring something from the crock pot into a strainer is not a good idea. Half my chicken went into sink.

Here began my moral dilemma. Husband had left to go get gas for lawn mower so I was alone. This is what took place in my mind: I can scoop this out of the sink put it back in with rest of the meat, finish cooking the meal and tell Husband I’m not hungry when it’s time to eat. Letting him eat all by himself. That way he would never have to know I dumped half food in sink thus I would not have to listen to him laugh at me rest of day. The little devil on my shoulder said do it. The little devil on my other shoulder was in agreement. But in the end I did the right thing. Trashed what fell in sink. Thankfully what was left in the crockpot was more than plenty to finish recipe.

Everything went smoothly after that and we had the BEST enchiladas EVER! I did have to listen to husband laughing and reminding me of my little mishap with the sink. In the end I regretted not listening to the little devils on my shoulders. Husband and I are both in agreement this dish will be made here at the crypt often. But with no straining off the liquid.

So ended another Pinteresting day in the life of Gotha Stewart.


Damn tasty

Damn tasty

Little sink mishap

Little sink mishap