You Gotha Try This Banana Pudding, Pt. 3 of a Family Food Saga


banana pudding 4

Banana Pudding. There’s a hundred recipes out there, each one claiming to be the best. How do you determine which is the best? Easy, it’s the one you grew up on. See, it is not about the taste when it comes to banana pudding (unless you find yourself face to face with a bowl made by someone who doesn’t know what the hell they’re doing), banana pudding is about memories.

I come from a big family. BIG. Not only do we breed like bunnies but once you become friends with someone in the family, you become family. There’s no getting out either. Kind of like the mafia but with less violence.

With a big family and the merging with other families comes many variations of banana pudding. To me each one is good. One does stand out above the rest but for the sake of family peace I will not name names. Over the years I have learned these recipes and have combined the best of each one to make…‘You Gotha Taste This Banana Pudding’. I’m sure the name won’t catch on but I think once you try this banana pudding recipe you just might be hooked.

You Gotha Taste this Banana Pudding



Vanilla Wafers

Vanilla instant pudding, 2 small boxes

2 ½ cups milk

1 small tub of cool whip, thawed

½ small can of condensed milk about 7 ounces.

2 tsp. vanilla extract

In a large bowl mix the 2 boxes of pudding with 2 ½ cups milk. I use a hand mixer. Once mixed add condensed milk (you can use the whole can but your banana pudding will be way to sweet) along with the vanilla extract. Beat until it has a smooth pudding consistency and has started to thicken up slightly. Gently fold on the cool whip. I put my pudding mixture in fridge until I’m ready to assemble.

Just the pudding and milk

Just the pudding and milk

With cool whip added

With cool whip added

While you’re pudding mixture is chilling out in the fridge, take a handful of vanilla wafers, place them into a Ziploc bag, and seal it.


Find a weapon, I use a hammer with a dishrag or small hand towel laid over the bag (this prevents the hammer from tearing open the bag). Now beat the wafers. Beat them until they are vanilla crumbs. This will be the topping.

Beating the wafers. Ignore my chipped nail polish

Beat the wafers. Chipped nail polish is optional.

wafers to crumbs

wafers to crumbs

Slice your bananas. The amount depends pretty much on what you have on hand. I usually have a lot since my dad is always coming by with a bag of bananas he found on sale. I swear that man has not met a banana he didn’t like.

I just toss the banana slices into the cool whip bowl. No need to dirty extra dishes.

I just toss the banana slices into the cool whip bowl. No need to dirty extra dishes.

Once the bananas are sliced it’s time to get assembling. A pretty bowl or casserole dish is what you need.

Line the bottom of your bowl/dish with vanilla wafers. Spoon half of your pudding mixture over wafers. Add a layer of bananas. Repeat.



Wafers, pudding mixture and banana.

Wafers, pudding mixture and banana.

Now the top is up to you. Some people line the top with whole wafers while others sprinkle the top with wafers crumbs. There are even those who lay down another layer of wafers, cover with a layer of just plain cool whip then sprinkle wafer crumbs. No wrong choice here. Cover with foil and allow to sit in the fridge a few hours.


An important note: if you are making this dish for a get together you must make a small bowl of banana pudding and put in fridge. Why? Because if it’s like my family gatherings you’re not going to get any of it unless you do this.

Cover with foil and let chill in fridge for a few hours.

Bowl I made for myself as I was assembling the banana pudding

Bowl I made for myself as I was assembling the banana pudding

banana pudding 3

banana pudding 2

banana pudding 1







Foot Fetish Much?


Right now my feet are soaking in a big bowl with warm water, vinegar and Listerine. I have seen this foot soak Pin everywhere on Pinterest. Since Mother Nature has finally got herself back together and finally realized winter is over it is time to get my feet looking summer worthy.

Last weekend I tried the baking soda and vinegar foot soak. It seemed to work well. My feet were soft and not so dry afterwards.

The husband is in the next room laughing at me. He keeps saying “Well you’re going to have minty fresh breath and feet.”
I replied, “you can kiss my minty fresh ass.“
With a look of horror on his face he says, “Oh my god you’re going to soak that in Listerine too?“
Oh he thinks he’s funny. He needs to leave the funny to the professionals. Like me.
Some Pinners have complained about the Listerine turning their feet blue, my solution: don’t use the blue Listerine! I have read the Listerine foot soak is also a good home remedy for toenail fungus.

After my soak I will follow that up with a foot massage using Argan and lavender oil. Sometimes you just have to pamper yourself.

The Listerine foot soak is easy.

All you need is:
½ Listerine
½ Vinegar
2-3 cups warm water
A container big enough to soak your feet in

Sit back and relax for the next 10 minutes.
Rinse and dry feet.

Now moisturize.

I did not take any photos of my feet soaking. That would entail me to shave my legs. I’m not that motivated tonight. Besides it just feet in a bowl of water I’m sure you can visualize that, better yet gather up your supplies and soak your own feet! Your feet will thank you.

After writing this last night I did follow up with that foot massage. I asked the husband to do it for me, he laughed so hard he snorted. That’s alright he would have just tickled tortured my feet anyway.
For my massage I just poured a little Argan oil in my hand with a few drops of lavender oil and massaged away. Argan oil works well for a foot massage, it absorbs into the skin quickly so when you stand up you don’t have to worry about doing any ‘Risky Business’ dance moves because of slick feet.

Get those feet fresh!

Get those feet fresh!

Painting Witchy Bottles


A dark kitchen with dried herbs hanging all about. Cackling fire with a potion bubbling in the cauldron. Skulls of past victims sitting on shelves to provide company on stormy nights. A broom in the corner for sweeping and the occasional ride during the full moon. What is missing from this scene? Potion bottles.


I have this hutch that is decorated in a witchy theme year round. I have a three colored potion bottles. Yesterday I scored an awesome clear glass bottle at a yard sale. Got it for $1! Oh how my dark soul filled with happiness.


But a clear bottle would not fit it with my other bottles. So me, myself and my not so smart phone took to Pinterest. Within minutes I found the sea glass effect pin. Glue mixed with food color painted on glass. What could be more simple? Okay buying glass bottles already colored is easier but that’s just not very Pinteresting.

I gathered my supplies: (I had to hurry Dr. Who was about to come on)

Elmers glue

Food color. I used red.

Bowl for mixing

Craft stick for mixing.

Paint brush

Glass bottle

mix paint

I discovered right off the bat that a paint brush was not going to get the job done. I used a tiny one a bigger might have done better. i just know all my brush did was push the paint around it was sticking to the bottle. So I used a handy dandy tool i always keep an arms length away: my finger.

I smeared it all over the bottle. Once that was done I sat it down on my towel. MISTAKE! Wet paint + dry towel = sticky situation. Luckily there was a bottle of vitamins close by. I took the lid off and sat bottle on lid.

Drying time: for-fricking-ever! Two hours later it was almost dry. I noticed the bottle was still a little to see thru. So another layer. Did I mention my finger was blood red? Took a little scrubbing but the food color did come off. I was waiting for the second layer to dry, by now it’s after midnight so after deciding the paint will dry rather i’m awake or not I just go to bed.

I awake the next morning, way to earlyand inspect my glass jar. Here is the finished product plus the orginal Pinterest pic.

painted glassPinterest glass

 Does not look that great. Huh? Where it is going it’s not going to be viewed close up. On a positive note the glue/paint washes off. So when i’m tired of looking at the streaky paint job I can wash it.

My year round display with new bottle.

My year round display with new bottle.

close up hutch

 I’m somewhat happy with the outcome. If I find a red bottle anywhere I will buy it and clean the red off of this one.I must admit this was a Pinteresting craft to add to the life of Gotha Stewart.