Working That Pinterest Voodoo


It was dark as I made my way to the hidden cave, hidden to all but me. Every so often a strike of lightning would light up the night helping me find my way. Once in the cave I lit blood red candles and gathered up supplies for the magic I was about to work.

I could hear the storm raging outside as I threw the white powder into my magical bowl. The powder covered the precious silver pieces that lay at the bottom. I poured the magical brew from my cauldron into the bowl. The sizzling sound let me know that something was happening. I pulled out one of the precious metals and looked at it closely in the candlelight.

I had done it. I had worked magic! I held the silver high into the air and shouted out to the empty night, “I am Gotha the great and powerful!”

That’s what happened in my mind. In reality I was in my kitchen on a warm sunny day with the doors and windows open letting in a nice cooling breeze. I was getting ready to attempt to clean my tarnished silver jewelry.

I am not a fan of gold, as a matter of fact I own no gold jewelry at all. Mt husband says he is the luckiest man alive since I am not a fan of gold or diamonds. I do love me some silver. What I don’t love is how the pieces I do not wear everyday tarnish while chilling in my jewelry box. I did not want to go buy expensive jewelry cleaning products. So I did what I normally do. I searched Pinterest. Pinterest is my first stop on searching information. To me Pinterest is the new Google.

Search ‘cleaning tarnished silver’ on Pinterest and hundreds of pins appear. Most, by most I mean almost all describe the same process. So many similar pins. Must work right?

Well I was going to find out if it worked. Boy did it work. I will share how this ‘magic’ is worked.

Gather what you need to work your magic:

Tarnished silver jewelry

A bowl

Aluminum foil

Baking soda


A towel or soft cloth


Here is the ‘spell’:

Line your the bowl with aluminum foil.

Put small pot of water on the stove to boil. You want it heated to just ready to boil.

Take all your tarnished silver and put in the bowl.

Then cover the silver with baking soda and salt.

Pour the hot water into bowl.

Watch the magic happen.

Let the magic continue for a few moments.

Fish out your silver with something (I used a fork) so you don’t burn yourself.

Dry your silver with a towel, giving it a good rub as you do.

Stand back.

Admire your magical prowess.

Welcome to the world of magic or as my husband calls it, science. He tries to suck the fun out of all my adventures. He is worse than grumpy cat sometimes. Yet I love him anyway. J

How tarnished!

How tarnished!






Oh the shame.

Oh the shame.













Line bowl with foil

Line bowl with foil


Add silver. Cover with baking soda and salt.

Add silver. Cover with baking soda and salt.

Pour in hot water. Bubble, bubble...

Pour in hot water. Bubble, bubble…












Oh, pretty!

Oh, pretty!