Treasure Chest 1

So the daughter is getting married next October, she has decided on a pirate themed wedding. Oh yes! I am one happy mom. 

Every pirate needs lots and lots of treasure. Which needs to be hidden in a treasure chest. I looked to Pinterest for inspiration. I was not let down. Here is treasure chest number 1.

I got a plain wood chest from Michael’s craft store. I love me some 50% off coupons. Got a color for the base coat, Ocean Breeze. A white for the top coat.

I watered down each color. Painted base coat with a sponge brush, wiped most off before it dried. Did same with top coat. After letting the chest dry I sprayed on a few layers of clear coat. FYI, spilled Ocean Breeze does not come off concrete steps. Doesn’t wash off hands easily either. Damn sure doesn’t wash out of clothing. Thankfully washes out of hair easily. Yes I made a mess.

With tacky glue I added the clasp. I have a ton of skull charms and octopus charms. I used my jewelry cutters to cut off the loop of each charm. Glued the charms on front and sides.

Added corner brackets and handles.

I then jumped onto my trusty pirate ship, engaged in battle another pirate ship*, defeated them and stole their treasure. I then took that stolen booty and filled up my finished treasure chest.

*No pirates were harmed in the making of this pinteresting craft.


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