Foot Fetish Much?

Right now my feet are soaking in a big bowl with warm water, vinegar and Listerine. I have seen this foot soak Pin everywhere on Pinterest. Since Mother Nature has finally got herself back together and finally realized winter is over it is time to get my feet looking summer worthy.

Last weekend I tried the baking soda and vinegar foot soak. It seemed to work well. My feet were soft and not so dry afterwards.

The husband is in the next room laughing at me. He keeps saying “Well you’re going to have minty fresh breath and feet.”
I replied, “you can kiss my minty fresh ass.“
With a look of horror on his face he says, “Oh my god you’re going to soak that in Listerine too?“
Oh he thinks he’s funny. He needs to leave the funny to the professionals. Like me.
Some Pinners have complained about the Listerine turning their feet blue, my solution: don’t use the blue Listerine! I have read the Listerine foot soak is also a good home remedy for toenail fungus.

After my soak I will follow that up with a foot massage using Argan and lavender oil. Sometimes you just have to pamper yourself.

The Listerine foot soak is easy.

All you need is:
½ Listerine
½ Vinegar
2-3 cups warm water
A container big enough to soak your feet in

Sit back and relax for the next 10 minutes.
Rinse and dry feet.

Now moisturize.

I did not take any photos of my feet soaking. That would entail me to shave my legs. I’m not that motivated tonight. Besides it just feet in a bowl of water I’m sure you can visualize that, better yet gather up your supplies and soak your own feet! Your feet will thank you.

After writing this last night I did follow up with that foot massage. I asked the husband to do it for me, he laughed so hard he snorted. That’s alright he would have just tickled tortured my feet anyway.
For my massage I just poured a little Argan oil in my hand with a few drops of lavender oil and massaged away. Argan oil works well for a foot massage, it absorbs into the skin quickly so when you stand up you don’t have to worry about doing any ‘Risky Business’ dance moves because of slick feet.

Get those feet fresh!

Get those feet fresh!

4 thoughts on “Foot Fetish Much?

    • I think it means the same amount of each — vinegar and listerine. So if you use 1 cup vinegar, use 1 cup listerine. half and half.


  1. Hey!😁. Just found this receipe. Please let me know what you mean with 1/2 . Do you man half a bottle? Or half a cup. May be I’m stupid 😂. Many Greetings from Germane Best Regals Martina


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