Toasting Your Nuts…How To Toast Coconut

This will be short and sweet. Today I toasted coconut successfully for the first time. There was one attempt in the past that did not work out well. I blame Tim Burton and Jack Skellington for that disaster. I tried the oven method of toasting coconut. I put the coconut in the oven and from the living room I hear Jack singing while visiting Christmas Town. I had to go sing along with him. Who knew you had to stand watch over the coconut because it could burn quickly? I didn’t know. Billowing smoke from the kitchen alerted me to the disaster.

Five years later I’m ready to try my hand at toasting coconut again. This time with the stove top method with no television on. Saw this on Pinterest. It was so damn easy and was over in no time. I needed the coconut for a rum cake which I will share in the next few days.

Toasting Your Coconuts
In a dry pan on medium heat. Toss in your sweetened coconut flakes. It will take a few minutes before the toasting to begin. Once it does, keep stirring and don’t walk away because things happen pretty fast. Wham bam before you know it your coconuts are toasted. Now throw them tasty things on some wax or parchment paper to cool.

Here is the toasted coconut pin.

My toasted nuts:

Easy yummy toasted coconut

Easy yummy toasted coconut

Cooling down on wax paper

Cooling down on wax paper

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