A Pinteresting Cooking Adventure


I’ve been working in the yard/garden everyday for the last couple of weeks. Thankfully I have not burst into flames from being out in the sunlight I have also not tanned at all, it’s a long standing joke with my friends that my body rejects sunlight. So my neighbors have been tortured by my blindingly white legs while I work in the yard. Thankfully I’ve not seen anyone claw their eyes out yet.

During the past week I’ve been Pinteresting and experimenting. Which drives my stalker Husband crazy until he benefits from my experiments. Here is a usual conversation at the house:

Me, “I’m going to be in the (kitchen, sewing room, or outside) for a little while.”

Husband, “What you doing?”

Me, “I’m trying something I saw on Pinterest”

Husband, Groan followed by “oh dear lord.” sometimes he rolls his eyes for good measure.

Here is Saturdays extended conversation:

Husband, “So what are you doing in the kitchen?” he follows this by a huff.

Me, “I’m going to make this chicken enchilada dish.”

He sits up on the couch (lying down is the usual position) a smile spreads across his face. He is surrounded by a ray of light and angels harmonize in the back ground. Happiness has found its way to his evil heart.

Husband, “Is there anything I can do to help you? Do I need to get anything from the store?”

Me, “No I got this.” okay I really said, “no sweetie you just lie back, watch some t.v. and take a nap. I wouldn’t want you to ruin your day off. I might even mow the grass as you rest.”

Husband, “Okay.” he lies back down totally missing my sarcasm.

In his defense he did mow the grass later and mowed my dads.

So this is the chicken enchilada adventure.

I read the recipe and it seemed simple enough. I got out the old trusty crock pot. Put in a can of enchilada sauce with the chicken breast. Set cooker to cook on high for 4 hours. Off to the yard I went to weed and take pictures.

Four hours and several “is it done yets” from my husband I continue on with the recipe.

I add the onion and small can of chilies. Then shred the chicken. It is very soupy. Pinterest link did not say anything about it being so soupy and I thought all the liquid would cause problems as I put the chicken in the tortillas. So I decided to strain the chicken. Seems pouring something from the crock pot into a strainer is not a good idea. Half my chicken went into sink.

Here began my moral dilemma. Husband had left to go get gas for lawn mower so I was alone. This is what took place in my mind: I can scoop this out of the sink put it back in with rest of the meat, finish cooking the meal and tell Husband I’m not hungry when it’s time to eat. Letting him eat all by himself. That way he would never have to know I dumped half food in sink thus I would not have to listen to him laugh at me rest of day. The little devil on my shoulder said do it. The little devil on my other shoulder was in agreement. But in the end I did the right thing. Trashed what fell in sink. Thankfully what was left in the crockpot was more than plenty to finish recipe.

Everything went smoothly after that and we had the BEST enchiladas EVER! I did have to listen to husband laughing and reminding me of my little mishap with the sink. In the end I regretted not listening to the little devils on my shoulders. Husband and I are both in agreement this dish will be made here at the crypt often. But with no straining off the liquid.

So ended another Pinteresting day in the life of Gotha Stewart.


Damn tasty

Damn tasty

Little sink mishap

Little sink mishap

Painting Witchy Bottles


A dark kitchen with dried herbs hanging all about. Cackling fire with a potion bubbling in the cauldron. Skulls of past victims sitting on shelves to provide company on stormy nights. A broom in the corner for sweeping and the occasional ride during the full moon. What is missing from this scene? Potion bottles.


I have this hutch that is decorated in a witchy theme year round. I have a three colored potion bottles. Yesterday I scored an awesome clear glass bottle at a yard sale. Got it for $1! Oh how my dark soul filled with happiness.


But a clear bottle would not fit it with my other bottles. So me, myself and my not so smart phone took to Pinterest. Within minutes I found the sea glass effect pin. Glue mixed with food color painted on glass. What could be more simple? Okay buying glass bottles already colored is easier but that’s just not very Pinteresting.

I gathered my supplies: (I had to hurry Dr. Who was about to come on)

Elmers glue

Food color. I used red.

Bowl for mixing

Craft stick for mixing.

Paint brush

Glass bottle

mix paint

I discovered right off the bat that a paint brush was not going to get the job done. I used a tiny one a bigger might have done better. i just know all my brush did was push the paint around it was sticking to the bottle. So I used a handy dandy tool i always keep an arms length away: my finger.

I smeared it all over the bottle. Once that was done I sat it down on my towel. MISTAKE! Wet paint + dry towel = sticky situation. Luckily there was a bottle of vitamins close by. I took the lid off and sat bottle on lid.

Drying time: for-fricking-ever! Two hours later it was almost dry. I noticed the bottle was still a little to see thru. So another layer. Did I mention my finger was blood red? Took a little scrubbing but the food color did come off. I was waiting for the second layer to dry, by now it’s after midnight so after deciding the paint will dry rather i’m awake or not I just go to bed.

I awake the next morning, way to earlyand inspect my glass jar. Here is the finished product plus the orginal Pinterest pic.

painted glassPinterest glass

 Does not look that great. Huh? Where it is going it’s not going to be viewed close up. On a positive note the glue/paint washes off. So when i’m tired of looking at the streaky paint job I can wash it.

My year round display with new bottle.

My year round display with new bottle.

close up hutch

 I’m somewhat happy with the outcome. If I find a red bottle anywhere I will buy it and clean the red off of this one.I must admit this was a Pinteresting craft to add to the life of Gotha Stewart.

Sewing for Sweet Little Demons


It’s been a few weeks since my last post. A lot has happened. I became a Grim-maw! Little Miss K was born March 30th. An amazing experience for us all.

So since it’s baby time at my house of evil. I had to make some baby stuff. Goth style.

I saw some of these items on Pinterest. Each one had several different versions and tutorials. I did not really care for any of them. The designs were simple so I made up my own patterns.

The first thing I made was burp cloths. A burp cloth is a simple design, it is something you throw over your shoulder when you burp the baby, it will catch any spit up. Very simple project. Great for anyone just getting into sewing. You need 2 fabrics cut 9×19 inches. One fabric is your design piece so any lightweight cotton fabric will work. The other fabric should be an absorbent material. I used terry cloth for some burp cloths and cloth diapers for the others.

Lay out your two pieces right sides (printed sides) facing in. Pin together. Sew around leaving a 4 to 6 inch area not sewn. Turn right side out and iron. I used a zigzag stitch to sew around burp cloth. Done.

 burpNext project was a bib. I made two styles. Your basic and a bandana bib. You can find the patterns on Pinterest. They’re many to chose from. This is another beginner project. Cut out pieces, sew right sides together leaving a gap open to turn right side out. Iron than zigzag stitch around. I did not zigzag stitch around neck area, well I did the first one and to me it felt like it would be irritating to a newborn neck. Sew on some Velcro for closures and you are done.


Third project was a bit more involved but still somewhat easy. I call it a diaper change station. It’s for on the go diaper changing, gives you a clean area to change your baby/evil spawn/mini me or whatever you call your offspring. Here is a picture of it completed. I will give more detailed instructions a few blogs down the road.

 all 3

I am in the process of making a baby kimono shirt with skulls! Pictures coming soon.

Speaking of babies. Saw this on Pinterest before Halloween and made this for a co-workers Halloween costume. Many people loved it but others said we went to far. Can you really go to far with Halloween? I don’t think so. On Pinterest there was only a picture with no link to instructions so I had to figure it out myself. Surprisingly it turned out right the first time. No magic or virgin sacrifice needed. Disappointing I know. I would have done it if need be though.